Remove Metallic Taste from Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Does the drink from your stainless steel bottle taste metallic and sharp? Find out what you can do about it
Klean Kanteen Stainless Steel Bottle 40oz Ocean Blue
Q: How do I get rid of the metallic taste from my stainless steel water bottle?

Lingering metallic taste and smell is a common complaint by those who use water bottles that are made of stainless steel, especially new users.

When you got a new bottle, or you have an existing one, try the method below to see if it helps:

  1. Wash your stainless steel water bottle thoroughly with water, some mild soap, plus 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  2. You may even want to soak the bottle overnight with water and the same amount of baking soda.
Alternative Ways

If the cap on your bottle is made of stainless steel, switching to a BPA-free plastic sports cap may help to reduce the perceived metallic taste and odor.

Note that the taste and smell of water in a stainless steel bottle is quite different from that of plastic bottle. Plastic is used so extensively in our lives that most of us have adapted to it over time. Likewise, users of stainless steel bottle, especially first timers, would also take some time to adapt to the peculiar taste and smell of steel.

But the good thing is, unlike certain plastic, stainless steel does not leach harmful chemicals into the water.

Final Recourse

If after trying all these ways and you are still unhappy with the metallic scent and taste from your stainless steel bottle, then perhaps you should return your bottle back to where you bought it from and ask for your money back.

When it comes to taste and smell, every individual's sensitivity is different. There's no right or wrong. So, if the metallic taste really bothers you, then there's no reason why you should put up with it, no matter how good the bottle may be.

Good luck!


  1. Metallic taste is specific to Klean Kanteen, other - properly manufactured 18/8 stainless containers do not taste metallic.

    Manufacturer hasn't properly tested what is causing the metallic taste (it could be leeching chromium or nickel) therefore it should be considered dangerous for health.

    Fauly manufacturing process of Klean Kanteen can be demonstrated easily - their bottles are magnetic!! 18/8 stainless steel is non-magnetic material. This change of magnetic properties is caused by the cold work while manufacturing the bottle. Same effect of cold work which changes metal structure, probably causes extensive leaching of materials.

  2. Smell is an issue with my generic bottle as well. Darned if it isn't also magnetic. I attributed it to being cheap but this is evidently not the case. Will try the baking soda but otherwise will probably trash it.

  3. Baking Soda doesn't help against metallic smell. It's good against smell and taste that comes from organic stuff.
    I agree - Kleen Kanteen must have some issues with their manufacturing and testing of material. We have one large wide mouth bottle and an insulated one, both don't smell. Then, I bought a smaller wide mouth bottle which turned out to have this really stubborn taste and smell. I just can't get rid of the metallic taste for good. Washing it three times in the dishwasher helps for a while, but the smell and taste returns. I tried to contact them because of that but noone answered. The store doesn't take it back either, since I already used it.
    It seems Kleen Kanteens aren't so clean after all and their service certainly has got room for improvement.