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Wondering what may be lurking in your water? Check out Zero Water's water tester and its line of water filtration products
Zero Water 23-Cup Water Dispenser and Filtration System
Unless the water from your tap looks cloudy or worse, turns out like mud water, you are unlikely to give a hoot about the amount of dissolved substances in the water you drink.

However as we know, not knowing what's in the water doesn't mean it's safe for long-term consumption.

But with Zero Water Electronic Water Tester, now you can actually test the total dissolved solids in your water. This digital thermometer-like tester will indicate a 3-digit figure when you insert it in about an inch of water, giving you a general idea of how much impurities there are in your water. The higher the number, the lower the water quality.

According to the company, cities in the US average between 150 to 200, though some areas such as Las Vegas can range as high as 700.

The TDS meter doesn't tell you what have been dissolved in the water, though. It only gives you an indication of the purity of the water.

Zero Water Filtration Devices

But what are you going to do if you found that the water you've been drinking contains unidentified dissolved substances? Well, since Zero Water provides a means for you to test your water, it must also offer a way to remove those impurities.

Enter their water pitcher and water cooler system that contain a 5-stage ion-exchange filter in their core. The filter is designed to remove almost everything from the water by passing water through each of these 5 stages:
Zero Water Filter Pitcher

  • Stage 1: A 20 to 50 micron filter designed to remove suspended solids such as dust and rust that make your water appear cloudy.
  • Stage 2: Activated carbon that is Class I rated to remove chlorine.
  • Stage 3: A water distributor screen maximizes contact time to remove more suspended solids.
  • Stage 4: Specialty resins that reduce levels of heavy metals such as lead, mercury, and chromium in your water.
  • Stage 5: A one micron filter designed to remove fine suspended solids.
It's worthy to note that Zero Water's water filter has been tested and certified by independent organizations for the removal of lead, chromium, mercury, hydrogen sulfide and chlorine (certification by NSF International), as well as iron, zinc and aluminum (by WQA).

You must be wondering what's the reading like for the water purified by Zero Water's filtration system? It measures 000 on the TDS meter! As a comparison, conventional filtered water measures between 030 to 500, while bottled water reads between 000 to 350.

But, can you trust a water tester that comes from a company selling its own water filters? Well, the electronic meter is understood to be manufactured independently, so there should be some reliability you can count on.

In fact, Zero Water is so confident with their products that they are including a TDS meter free with every purchase of their water pitcher or water cooler. And when your meter reads 006, it's time to replace your Zero Water filter.

If you are worried that your used water filters are going to end up in some land dump, fret not. Simply send your used filters back to the company and get a shipping discount for your next purchase. So you get clean water, a peace of mind and spend less money all at the same time!

What are you waiting for?

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  1. Is zero water better than other pitchers like brita and pur?

  2. But does it remove Flouride? It does not say it anywhere on the website. The Berkey filters will remove flouride.

    1. Brita is actually crap, I had the filtered tap water tested against the non filtered and the TDS of filtered vs unfiltered was 780 vs 800 or something like that I can't remember the exact number but the difference was minimal, stick to bottled water

  3. Hey Mike, I think it's comparable, if not better. Brita and PUR offer more choices of water filters for people with different needs and budgets, while Zero Water has lesser choices but equally good products, in my humble opinion.

  4. Hello Mike,
    Does this unit remove/reduce total dissolved solids TDS from 1000 to 500ppm or less?
    Can it reduce TDS from 1500 to 500 ppm for using swimming pool water for emergency drinking water purposes?

  5. Hi Anonymous, I checked with ZeroWater. According to them, although their filters are not certified for fluoride reduction, it's likely that fluoride in the water is significantly reduced after passing through ZeroWater filters.

    The evidence the company produced is the TDS meter which measures the amounts of inorganic compounds present in water. The meter comes with most of their products.

    Fluoride is an inorganic substance (that is, it's not of natural origin), and if the TDS meter reads 000, it is likely that fluoride is no longer lingering in the water.

    Hope this helps.

  6. Hi Anonymous, Zero Water filters can remove high amounts of total dissolved solids (TDS) in unfiltered water. But note that the higher the number of dissolved solids in the water, the shorter the filter will last.

    For your case, to filter water with TDS above 500 ppm, you may need to change the filter more often than someone whose water has much lesser TDS.

    I've not used Zero Water filters to treat swimming pool water, and I certainly don't recommend you doing so. Most household water filters including Zero Water are meant to treat municipal water that has already been treated, not for untreated water like those in the swimming pool.

  7. Fluoride is good for the teeth... A study in the 90's shows kids had increased amounts of cavities and dental issues due to high consumption of bottled water which has no fluoride. I would want to remove everything EXCEPT fluoride. How much are the replacement filters?

    1. Yes fluoride is good for the teeth, but why would you want to ingest it? You sir need to go to youtube and watch "the fluoride deception"

    2. Most of those studies have been skewed or fabricated. More recent studies have shown that if the fluoride in question is not naturally occurring, it has little if any positive affect on the health of our teeth, and has actually been proven to cause detriment to our teeth as well as our overall health. The "fluoride" the cities put in our water is not pure fluoride like what occurs in nature. It is a very different and toxic chemical. Watch the video the other guy is talking about--learn and save your health.

    3. fluoride is also linked to cancer and memory problems.....priorities?

  8. Does it remove calcium? I need to filter calcium because the water here ruins my coffee maker with too much calcium

    1. Nope, I'm afraid it won't remove calcium. Sorry to disappoint you.

    2. I use the Zero Water system for my drinking water and use it for making my coffee. I have noticed that since Ive been using this zero water to make my coffee, in a years time, I havent had to vinegar my coffee pot to remove the calcium build up. So it seems to me that it must remove some if not all calcium and other build up minerals.

  9. Having been to many specialists having an abnormal amount of autoimmune diseases I have been told to have not only clean water but water that has a higher PH level, which supposedly is more balanced to the body's needs. What's your story?

  10. Water needs to be at a healthy PH to balance the body. What is the PH after pollutants are removed? If not adequate, what is your suggestion?

  11. Instead of trusting ZeroWater's built-in measuring device, why not use independent testing? The "000" reading for fluoride and other compounds is based on the calibration for that device. "000" essentially means "non-detect" as far as the device is concerned. If I plug my nose, I can say there are no smells around me. Fluoride is really tough to get out and I'm not convinced a $40 filter system can do it. Anything is possible though.

    To be on the safe side, we may want to have the ZeroWater output verified by an independent laboratory. Otherwise, we just have to accept ZeroWater at its word.

  12. Does Zero Water filters remove Cadmium from drinking water?

  13. Does Zero removes LEAD from water?